Everyone is born selfish, from the time of a baby to the terrible 2s when everything is “mine,” to the teenage years when the world revolves around you to the time you are an adult, and you’ve become adept at hiding it from others. It usually takes a conscious effort to actually help others because inside your instinct is to say no, much like animals do.

Luckily, helping others is the right thing to do, and most of us do so naturally when we see a need. Unlike animals, we are capable of empathy, which we express in helping ways.

HOOP, which stands for Helping Out Our Peers, is an online writing platform where you can go and write about whatever is on your heart and receive honest, helpful feedback and advice from others. These helpers do just that, and it’s HOOP’s mission to provide the best helpers for you. In fact, once you’ve been writing for a while as well, you can become a helper. It’s a fast, simple process. Below, we’ll outline the benefits of helping others. Sign up online today to get started!


  • Helping others makes you feel good. Try this the next time you don’t want to work out but want the endorphins from working out: helping others. Studies have shown that by donating to charity and helping others, your brain releases the same feel-good chemicals it releases when you work out. Hence, instead of runner’s high, try “helper’s high.”
  • Helping others can give you a greater purpose. Let’s face it, working for a company you don’t believe in or doing work you feel is mindless often leaves you without a purpose, and you can become lost and even depressed because of it. When you donate your time to helping others, you can gain a greater sense of self-esteem and well-being. You’ll feel more connected to others overall, and the more you give, the more of these feelings you’ll have.
  • Helping others can make you a more positive person. When you help others, you often realize how blessed you are. You realize your problems are not all that bad. HOOP notes that you can change your outlook and attitude just by helping others, which makes you a more optimistic and more positive person to be around.
  • Helping others is contagious. The whole idea of “paying it forward” means that if you help someone, then that person will help someone else, and the cycle continues indefinitely. Helping others can bring out the best in others as well, which can ripple throughout the community.
  • Helping others has health benefits. Helping others can help to lower blood pressure when you help regularly. It can also help with chronic pain. You feel more relaxed when helping others and less stressed out with other events in your life.
  • Helping others teaches your kids the value of giving. By helping others, your kids see the positive impact it can have on other people and the joy it gives you. This teaches them that the world is bigger than themselves.
  • Helping others can help you live longer. Some studies have shown that regularly helping others can help you live longer. This may be because your stress is reduced, and you have more social connections within your community.
  • Helping others can help you find your way. We all go through funks in our lives where what we are doing or where we are headed does not seem right. By taking your mind off your problems and instead helping others, you can possibly see through the muck and discover your next step in life.


Here are some of the many ways you can help others:

  • Volunteering — Volunteering is a great way to help others and improve your community. Countless nonprofit organizations could use helping hands. Some ideas include becoming a member of your local HOA board, volunteering at your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, volunteering to help animals, volunteering at church or with youth organizations, or planting a community garden to help those who need free vegetables. HOOP recommends that you choose a cause that is close to your heart, such as helping abused children or animals, and find a way to get involved.
  • Mentoring — Many people need help and guidance in life. You have incredible knowledge and experience to share with others, and sometimes just being there for someone is all they need. HOOP is a form of mentoring where you help others with thoughtful advice and empathy. Just listening to others as well can be extremely helpful, too.
  • Random acts of kindness — Similar to paying it forward, doing small acts of kindness on the spur of the moment can go a long way to helping others. From shoveling your neighbor’s driveway when it snows and raking leaves to holding doors open and buying someone’s coffee, there are many ways you can help. If you know someone’s going out of town, offer to watch their pets or take in their mail. HOOP recommends that you be open to opportunities when they present themselves.


HOOP helpers offer great advice to those who need it. Even if the problem is minor in nature, you could offer the one thing that person needs to hear at that moment in order to make a real difference in their lives. Being a HOOP helper does not take all that long and is easy to do. After you’ve been journaling for a while and you get to see other helper’s advice, you can join. It’s anonymous and oftentimes, you’ll get a thank you note back that will melt your heart as well. You’ll get to experience many of the amazing benefits we listed above about how helping others helps you.

HOOP’s mission is to create a safe online writing community of writing and supporting others that improves everyone’s lives in some small way. By lifting the spirits of others and lightening their burdens, you’ll make a positive impact on others’ lives. What could be more noble?

Visit HOOP online today to get started. It’s quick, simple, and effective. Sign up today!