When we created HOOP, we did so with a focus on diversity. It is no accident that our founding team includes members from five different countries across multiple generations. Considering separate viewpoints, cultural experiences, and mindsets is crucial for any team to have success, and that extends into our community on HOOP.

When you have access to a diverse support system, the personal growth you make will be astonishing. People may think about things in a completely unique manner which you might not have considered, helping you overcome obstacles and relish accomplishments.

With HOOP’s online writing platform, you can receive feedback and support from people of various backgrounds, giving you a look at viewpoints you might not have considered.


Crossing generation gaps is crucial to both self-help and helping others. Rather than trying to ignore age differences and offer all-encompassing advice, our mission at HOOP is to embrace those gaps so we can communicate in the most effective way possible

A middle-aged person will obviously have more life experience than someone fresh out of school, giving them the wisdom to offer sound advice and support. That goes the other way, too. Having grown up in a newer generation, younger people have vastly different experiences they can use to help others.

The ability to write online to an audience of differing ages can make the difference between receiving the support you’ve been missing and feeling lost.


The best way to overcome challenges is through genuine support and feedback, and there’s no better place to find that than HOOP’s online writing community full of cultural diversity. Cultural distinctions allow you to find support from groups of people with vastly different backgrounds.

Similar to utilizing the age gap, crossing cultures when seeking community is imperative. Whether you are offering support to someone in need or seeking advice on a problem in your life, reaching different cultures allows you to thrive through our community.

Online writing gives you the opportunity to vent, celebrate, support and so much more. HOOP’s community spans across multiple ages, cultures and backgrounds, making it the best place to give and receive advice. Join HOOP today to become a part of our mantra —  Helping Out Our Peers!