Before writing, humans scratched symbols and drew in the earth. It wasn’t too long that a need to communicate led to the development of a written language. We have written proof on the cuneiform tablets left behind by the ancient Sumerians that written language existed in 3400 BC, but odds are, writing existed in some form before that.

Writing is a way to communicate, to disseminate information, and to store and collect knowledge. Writing is also used as a means of expressing feelings and as a way to process thoughts and feelings. Writing can be a powerful tool to collect your thoughts, so you can make evaluations and judgments clearly. Writing is also a form of therapy that can allow you to feel better since it serves as a way to vent your feelings and a safe way to release your anger.

HOOP is an online writing platform where you can go and get helpful advice from others. HOOP stands for Helping Out Our Peers, and by providing a free online writing forum for you to express your feelings, we believe you will see the results translated in your life. You also can help others as well, which makes you feel good. Below, we’ll dive into some of the mental health benefits of writing. Read below to learn more, and then visit our site to sign up!


  • Writing makes you happier. When you plan for the future and you have a vision and a mission in life, it can make the tough times much less tough. You can work through negative emotions and feelings in a constructive way, instead of causing hurt feelings by screaming or yelling.
  • Writing eases stress. When you are able to vent your feelings, your stress goes down. By writing out your troubles, that need to vent is released, and you do feel much better about the situation at hand. You are able to make emotional connections, draw parallels, process your thoughts, and discover new feelings and associations you might have missed before if you hadn’t written them down. 
  • Writing can also help process traumatic events. When a senseless death happens or after an abuse, there are often no known reasons for it, and this fact alone can cause you to spiral down into depression. When you write as therapy, you can get all of your feelings and emotions out so you are at least at peace with no reasoning. When these emotions are released through writing, your pain often follows.
  • Writing clears your head. When you have a to-do list a mile long, it can be beneficial to just sit down and write out what is on your mind. You can also prioritize your tasks better, making them seem not so overwhelming. HOOP notes that by organizing your thoughts can help you generate solutions you might have missed otherwise.
  • Writing can be used to learn about yourself. When you journal your reactions to certain situations, you can begin to see patterns, including destructive patterns, that you can then analyze and begin to change. Reactions, emotions, and feelings can be processed through writing which can help you improve those situations and help you to recognize them when they occur.


Many people can just sit down, pick up a piece of paper, and begin writing. For others, it’s not so easy. The idea of writing can be overwhelming, especially if you didn’t do much as a child, or believe your writing is bad. Below, HOOP will offer up tips on how to begin the writing process.

  • Just write something. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter what you write; it can all be nonsense, but as long as you write something, you’ll get the juices flowing.
  • Write about what’s happening right now. What happened in your day? Did you have coffee with a friend? Did you work? Was there a conflict at work that is bothering you? Just write all that down, and go from there. You’ll be surprised where this leads you, often to the exact spot you need to be — and all because you wrote some mindless words down.
  • Try meditation. Taking a few moments to clear the busyness in your mind and focus on your breathing can be helpful. Try starting your sentences with “I”, such as “I feel” or “I want.”
  • Eliminate distractions. You’ll want to turn off your cell phone and stay away from your computer and TV and just dedicate some time to writing. You can’t process your thoughts and feelings if you’re concentrating on other things.
  • Set a timer. HOOP recommends that you try to write for at least five minutes a day. Sit down, and go. Five minutes is not that long, and once you get better at the process, it will just begin to flow.
  • Reflect on what you’ve written. Read what you’ve written, and see what you can glean from it.


HOOP recommends that you write what you know. Write about your hobbies, the weather outside, what you do at work, your kids, your pets, your friends, and your family. The key is to begin. Everything else will follow.


HOOP is an anonymous online writing platform where you can go and write about anything and receive honest feedback from helpers. Their job is to support you and offer helpful advice. This in turn can give you new ideas, which you can then implement into your life.

Once you begin, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to start. You will also begin to see the therapeutic benefits writing can offer. Your relationships will perhaps improve, your frame of mind might be more positive, and your career could be impacted and perhaps even grow. Who knows what you’ll see with HOOP? You’ll only know if you begin. Take that first step, and sign up for our online writing for free. Begin to have hope, help others, and see results today!